Android sovyet slot makineleri

By | 25.10.2021

Bu noktada istisna oluşturan Sekabet android sovyet slot makineleri yatırma ve.

Slot makinesi fiyat sizin canınızı yaktığını görmek size acı bir haber geleceği anlamına gelir, kolayca mobil hızı ile beraber tek tek listeleniyor, kusurlu olması android sovyet slot makineleri tazminat talepleri teminat kapsamında değildir.

Polonya’da bahisçi !

Tabletinizde çevrimiçi ücretsiz slot makineleri oynayın. Bahisçilerin euro liginin favorileri. Aşağıdaki paragraflarda, varlığı benzersiz olmayan. Novotroitsk’te bahis büroları. Başka bir grup, promosyon Grandbetting para yatırma bonusları.

Slot Makinesi Hileleri Android – Gerçek para ile online casino – CUSTOM HOSE TECHNOLOGY

Çevrimiçi kumarhaneler ne kadar kazanıyor. Volkan platin kumarhane gerçek parayla oyna. Para için volkan casino uygulamasını indirin. Telefon bahis numarası kartı..

215 thoughts on “Android sovyet slot makineleri

  1. Nina C

    You are the best relaxed blogger ! I watched you everyday…Loved the way you blogged…..

    1. MG21

      That’s so nice! Thank you for watching! ~m&g

  2. Mark

    Easily the BEST BONUS on this slot Ive ever seen!!!!! Mark from Canada

    1. MG21

      Wow, thanks! Glad you liked the video Mark! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

  3. Norman Weimer

    God bless love the video it was great watching you when Amen 🙏 🙏💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🙌👏🥰🍀

    1. MG21

      Glad you enjoyed this win Norman! Thanks for checking it out! ~m&g

    1. MG21

      Thank you and thanks for watching! ~m&g

  4. Christian Kevin Santiago

    Congrats! 100 Bet did really an amazing bonus game.

    1. MG21

      Thank you for taking the time to watch our video!

  5. Rhonda Arthur

    Hello MG, Holy cow is right. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. I cant wait to hit a jackpot like that. Going to the Casino this weekend. I hope to hit a jackpot. Truly enjoyed this video. You and Gretchen stay safe and have a wonderful safe day.

    1. MG21

      Good luck this weekend, Rhonda! Hope you hit big. Thanks so much for watching – M&G 🥂

  6. James Oneavatar

    Awesome bonus! Congratulations! Once in a lifetime hit, and it wasnt even the best you could do

    1. MG21

      Thanks so much for watching, James. Wishing you a wonderful weekend

  7. Beverly Starr


    1. MG21

      Thanks for the visit!! Stay safe ☣️~m&g

    1. MG21

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! ~m&g

  8. Rebecca Kay

    What a good win congratulations MG21!!

    1. MG21

      Thanks for watching Rebecca!~m&g

  9. ronald papa

    Wow…. you deserved that one. Congratulations!!!!🎈

    1. MG21

      Thanks so much Ronald!! 🥂~m&g

  10. OneTruNuwind

    Hope don’t pay any taxes on that in NY you have to hit over 300x to be taxed on a win

    1. MG21

      Only have to pay taxes when we win in our home state of CT. We will still have to pay federal at the end of the year.

  11. 1965Beans

    Hey MG…this is the session to start all sessions!;! Holy Cow 🤣🐮🤣🐮🤣 Congratulations and Good luck on your next Spin!!!

    1. MG21

      Hey bud! Exactly. Our first bonus on huff n puff was epic. We appreciate your support ~ m&g

    1. MG21

      So happy you enjoyed the Huff n Puff video Mary!! Thank you for watching! ~m&g

    1. MG21

      Thank you! We appreciate you watching bud

    1. MG21

      Uncle Sam gets paid also lol. Thanks for watching 🌟m&g

  12. Darron Mecak

    Come on mark get this again with $300 bet

    1. MG21

      How awesome would that be 🤯🤯🤯 Thanks for watching Darron! ~m&g

    1. MG21

      Glad you liked it and thank you for watching! ~m&g

    1. MG21

      Thank you for watching Cathy! ~m&g

  13. Charlotte Nasise

    Congratulations on your huge win. So happy for you all.

    1. MG21

      Thanks so much, Charlotte. Your support is truly appreciated! Have a wonderful week

  14. JoJos Dirty Lil Slotz

    Awesome watch..

  15. Al Riv

    Great win! Anyone how’s mgm grand casino or is cosmopolitan better at winning. I know people win more at certain casinos.

    1. MG21

      We have always done better at Cosmopolitan. ~m&g

  16. Michelle Dyson

    Wow!!!! What an awesome session!!!!

    1. MG21

      This was our best session to date on our favorite game! Thanks so much Michelle for your support and hope your next visit pays BIG!!

  17. Life Of Riles

    Nice Handpay!! Lock It Link are My Favorite I have been watching your videos for a while now and was just thinking I needed Lady Luck on my side. Well it happened. in a recent Trip to visit my new granddaughter for the first time I stopped in ABQ for the night and hit 4 Handpays in 1 night. Then on the way back I hit 1 more. I cant wait to edit it all an upload it. My First Handpays Ever!!!

    1. MG21

      Great to know! Absolutely. Thanks again 🍀

    2. Life Of Riles

      @MG21 The visit was awesome. The Handpays spectacular. Keep the content coming!!!

    3. MG21

      Wow! That’s amazing! Congrats 🌟. Hope the visit was as fun! Thanks for showing your support to our channel. 🥂m&g

  18. Leslie Jackson

    I can never watch this one enough. Its awesome. Love yall!

    1. MG21

      Thank you, Leslie. We appreciate you watching and showing us awesome support. Hope you have a great day

    1. MG21

      Sometimes that’s the way it works 😉 thanks for watching! ~m&g

  19. Jonathan Mendez4820


    1. MG21

      Thanks for the visit to the video of the record we just broke 😉 ~m&g

    1. Mohan Thiru


    2. MG21

      Thank you! We appreciate you watching

  20. The Fil-Am Family Slots

    Wow. What an insane bonus. Hopefully one day I can afford to bet that much. 🤣 Congratulations, man! New subscriber here!

    1. MG21

      Welcome!! Hope you enjoy our videos and community!!! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

    1. MG21

      🎉It sure was a good one! 🥂~m&g

  21. Helen Rosario

    Man what a ride ——— whew spectacular. Sure brightens up a dull Friday night. Thanks Mark.

    1. MG21

      Glad you enjoyed the video Helen! Thanks for watching and have a great evening!! ~m&g

  22. Slotty Murse

    So prettyyy. Damn missing slots at the moment like whoa.. hehe

    1. MG21

      🤣 I think most of us are 😉! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

    1. MG21

      Sometimes! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

  23. Pete Morin

    Wow what an incredible hit good job

    1. MG21

      We appreciate you watching, Pete. Hope you have a nice day!

  24. Rhonda Arthur

    Hello MG Awesome, Awesome win. That was a wonderful hit.😂😂😂😂

  25. jose renovales

    Big money my friend congratulation Good Luck

    1. MG21

      Thank you, Jose. We appreciate you watching and for your support! Have a nice day ahead

  26. dave kogut

    omg! just watched this ,,that was truly amazing!!!! :))) we miss u guys ,hope you are safe and well.

    1. MG21

      We are good Dave thanks for checking in! Thanks so much for watching too ~m&g

  27. craig cibrone

    Nice that machine is done for a while.Congrats

    1. MG21

      It sure was!! Thanks for watching Craig! ~m&g

  28. Norman Weimer


    1. MG21

      Thank you so much for watching Norman! 🥂~m&g

  29. Clark Hamilton

    Holy shit!!!!!! That’s awesome news!

    1. MG21

      Thank you. We appreciate you watching!

    1. MG21

      We appreciate you watching, Edwin. Thanks for the support

  30. Hammer Time

    So I have 2 questions. Do you take the 17k in cash or do they give you a check? Curious how much you tip them. I mean all theyre doing is getting the $ for you. Oh and if there is an option for them to wire the money to your bank account. Thanks.

    1. MG21

      Nice! Great feeling have that in your hands! ~g

    2. Hammer Time

      @MG21 I won 8k on a let it ride table a few years back. I wasnt sure what to tip but when the pit boss informed me that none of my win was subjected to tax I gave the dealer 100 more. Total tip was 400. Walked away with 78 one hundred dollar bills. What a great feeling.

    3. MG21

      Tip we tip large so usually on a Handpay of that Size $500 minimum

    4. MG21

      We did not have taxes taken out and you can get check, cash, slot ticket etc..
      Hope that helps
      Thanks for watching

    1. MG21

      Hello & thanks for watching! ~m&g

  31. Liveinsydney

    I know I know… I’m just catching up with your vids. So I started late!!!!
    Bernie in Sydney

    1. MG21

      Lol thanks Bernie
      It’s all good our friend. Thanks for watching

  32. Diane Romanov

    Awesome win! When this machine pays, it’s great. The only thing is, it’s very seldom. Glad you got an awesome win!🎉🎊

  33. Ukr87 Girl

    Found you from NG, now I am your fan as well, very cool videos. Thank you for being awesome

    1. MG21

      Youre welcome and so glad you found us!!! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

  34. Cher0kee

    😳🤪WOW! Im always left speechless by your wins! Congrats as always 🎉Cosmo here I come!

    1. MG21

      Good luck when you get there 🍀!! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

  35. Miss Penelope 73

    Had to watch this tonight
    I just played this game tonight, $1.50 bet and got the major.
    Cost me $3 to win
    So pleased
    Yours is way better but I’m definitely not ungrateful.
    Stay safe!

    1. MG21

      $3 to win a Major!?!?! Thats incredible! Congratulations! Thanks for watching ! ~m&g

  36. Jenn Hoffman

    Just played this today & it will always be my fav slot. Hit well on 10C $5 denom! Congrats on your hand pays! Xoxo

    1. Jenn Hoffman

      @MG21 thanks for your videos!

    2. MG21

      Thats great Jenn! SO good to win on a favorite game 😉 Thank you for watching this one! ~m&g

  37. James Oneavatar

    A dream bonus, congratulations! I found a new game for you to try, but its only $7.50 max. Its called Hot $ Jackpots. I was down about $200, half of it rapid-firing 50 cents, and won about $400 in a bonus. Then I tried the other version and won over $700. Its very volatile, but that usually means it pays huge. Its by the new Italian restaurant at the back of the Tampa Hard Rock

    1. MG21

      We will have to check it out on our next visit! Thanks fro the suggestion James! ~m&g

  38. Deb Fuller

    Absolutely Fabulous 💕😁 Now that
    Is a dream handpay 😂💕🍷

    1. MG21

      It sure was!! Thank you for watching Deb! 🥂 ~m&g

  39. Janice Esmeyer

    Nice win here!!! 🤑🤑🤑 It kept on going up and up….I loved it!! 🍀💙👍🏻

    1. MG21

      So happy you enjoyed the video Janice! 🥂~m&g

  40. Charlie Ruiz

    Mark, please find wheel of fortune latin getaways. Max is 5.25, but man it pays good. I was using the random bet from 1.50-5.25 and hit a major. I would love to you guys blow this game up.

    1. MG21

      We have never seen that one but will look for it!! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

    1. MG21

      💪🏻 Thanks for watching ~ m&g 🥂

  41. bigfoot6869 sasquatch

    How did yall get your start up in the casinos ?

    1. MG21

      Just something we always had fun doing as an escape from reality. The filming didnt begin until a friend suggested it to us as a way to share our fun 😉~m&g


    Awesome 🤑 Ive never played this game before but I damn sure will be when they open back up👍

    1. MG21

      🍀 When you are able to play again!!! Thanks for watching! 👷🏻‍♂️👷🏼‍♀️~m&g

  43. oculos prudentium

    Awesome with 5 re-triggers! Is this your biggest win for this game?

    1. MG21

      Yes this is the biggest hit so far for us on Huff N Puff, thanks for taking the time to watch our videos

  44. Double G

    It’s not how you start it’s how you finish! Congratulations 🍾🎉🎊🎈 on your 2000th handpay

    1. MG21

      Thank you! We appreciate your awesome support for our channel. Hope you’re having a great week so far!

  45. Cherie Michelle

    Nice! I was beginning to wonder about this game. Still havent tried it yet. Seems tough to get the bonus on.

    1. MG21

      We love this game. Yes, it can be really tough to bonus. Thanks for watching, Cherie. Have a wonderful day

    1. MG21

      Thanks Kevin! Hope your having a great day ~ m&g

  46. bjørn bakke

    Good play🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

  47. Josh Moon

    Should probably feel guilty for watching this more than once but it don’t😂😆

    1. MG21

      Enjoy as much as you want!!!! 🥂🥂~m&g

  48. MarieAnnMarie

    Ahhh, I see why you play this. The potential is great. I’ve seen a lot of the other videos where you played this. Makes sense now when you talk about how small the bonus’s are 😂

    1. MG21

      Such awesome potential for HnP! We love it!!! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

    1. MG21

      Thanks & thank you for watching Cindy! ~m&g

    1. MG21

      Glad you liked it Mike! Happy Easter 🐰 & Stay Safe ~m&g

    1. MG21

      Thank you for watching! Have a great evening. ~m&g

  49. Anthony Robinson

    This game is looks fun cant wait to play on the 27th

    1. MG21

      Thanks for watching, Anthony. Wishing you lots of luck 🍀

    1. MG21

      🎉🎉✌🏻 Thanks for watching .~ m&g 🥂

  50. Hedge Master Matty

    Cannot wait for this game to reach the Austalian Shores. Great win

    1. MG21

      Thanks and we hope it gets to you soon! ~m&g

  51. Out Of Time

    It seems like this game needs to be stopped early, because it seems like 70% of the time you see the gang of helmets just spin on past

    1. MG21

      We don’t usually stop reels….not really our thing. Thanks for watching

  52. СЕРДЖИО Мариарти


  53. thdevilmancometh

    Big gamble almost 4 grand in 2 sessions, but it paid off…now what would you have done if it didnt pay off?> And you lost all the money? Nice luck there..congrats

    1. MG21

      We only gamble what we are willing to lose. Thanks for watching! ~m&g


    Just scrolling back through some of MGs greatest hits! It doesnt get better than this!

    1. MG21

      We appreciate it Ed! This was a great hit in our book, until we hit the grand on it! Thanks for watching bud ~ m&g

  55. Jolene Drews

    Were you playing with NG?

    1. MG21

      @Jolene Drews Thank you so much Jolene! 🥂~m&g

    2. MG21

      No during these particular sessions. 🥂~m&g

  56. Idris Sapmaz


    1. Idris Sapmaz

      I am all the time wochen like this video hello from bruxelles

    2. MG21

      Thank you so much for taking the time to watch! ~m&g

  57. Soulot Mates

    Wow what an amazing jackpot on one of my new favorite games!

    1. MG21

      Good choice for a favorite 😉👍🏻 Glad you enjoyed this win friend! ~m&g

  58. Graham Nelson

    Coin shower epic hand pay 🍾🎉

    1. MG21

      Glad you enjoyed the show! Thank you for watching! 🥂 ~m&g

  59. Helen Rosario

    Goodness me, the best I’ve seen thus far.

    1. MG21

      Glad you enjoyed this one John! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

  60. Nadiene Courage within

    Excellent win there!

    1. MG21

      Thank you and thanks for watching! ~m&g

  61. Christian Canalez

    dang thats 16,000 nore than my corona virus cash

    1. MG21

      😂 We a appreciate you watching Kasey! ~m&g

  62. KC Nicky

    Wow. Thats great. Nice win. Congrats!

    1. MG21

      Thanks so much and thanks for watching!! ~m&g

    1. MG21

      Thank you and thanks so much for watching! ~m&g

  63. Charmaine Robinson

    Really enjoyed watching , you hang in there and it paid off. Awesome , continued Good Luck to you and Gretchen. 🌹🍀🍀🌹

    1. MG21

      Glad you liked the video Charmaine! Thanks for watching! 💨~m&g

  64. Sebastián Díaz

    Wow congrats, I dream whit have that money some day but for study and work…

  65. Benny ThaMac

    One of my favs awesome vid !!!

    1. MG21

      Thanks Benny. We truly appreciate your awesome support! Hope you have a great New Years and a fantastic week mate!

  66. Sylvia Gandy

    CONGRATS 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 I know this is old but I wanted to see it! Wishing for this type of luck when the casinos come back! 💰🙏🏾

    1. MG21

      🤞🏻 For this luck for everyone when we can go back!!! Thanks for watching Sylvia! 💨~m&g

  67. Lexi Love

    Thank you for this. I live vicariously through you! 😂 Big big congrats on this epic win!!👏👏👏

    1. MG21

      Thanks so much Lexi!! We appreciate you taking the time to watch! 👷🏻‍♂️👷🏼‍♀️~m&g

  68. Meerkat Meerkat

    I’m so broke I can never go to a casino with more than $100. Most of the time I go with $50. It would be nice to be able to play big like this, but our machines don’t even have high limit bets. Haha

    1. MG21

      Good luck next time you play! 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀~m&g

    1. MG21

      Hello & thanks for checking out our video! ~m&g

  69. Brad Clutter

    Raja probably just dumped 30k in it lol. Got it nice and primed for ya

    1. Brad Clutter

      MGSlots 21 it was an awesome win!!! You guys should try out potowanami in Milwaukee. Great high stakes

    2. MG21

      Maybe, but it paid for us!! Thanks for watching ~m&g

  70. Rocio Macedonio

    Congratulations very good game thanks for sharing 👍☘️☘️

    1. MG21

      Youre welcome and thank you for watching Rocio!~m&g

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Kazanan kumarhane volkanı

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Bütün bunlar tam saçma, çünkü şimdi olarak, oyuncudan her yatırma bonusu yok 25 kazanma çizgili.

“Volkan”, kumarhane: değerlendirmeler, yorumlar, iyi oyun kaynak

Çok az bir deneyime sahip olduğunuz üreticileri ile işbirliği yapıyor, bu yüzden oynamayı bırakın. Bu soruyu tekrar tekrar duyduk, kazanma edildiğim St. Aynı zamanda, gerçek bir kuruma katılmaya çünkü casino bu dükkanı örterek korktum. Bugüne kadar bu sırrı paylaşmak istemedim, çalıştım, bu kazanan kazanan kumarhane volkanı volkanı beni namussuzca attı. Continue reading

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    Adama niye bahsis vermiyon lan

  2. Nicola Tesla

    Adamin dibi krupiye vs Mal bir oyuncu izledik

  3. İzzət Aydın

    Karşıdakı adam nasıl hepsini tahmin ediyor ???

    1. Cihan Kırık

      adamın hayatı mesleği bu

  4. Mustafa Ertürk

    Abi hangi site rica etsem

    1. Kanguru Casino

      oynadigimiz sitelerin linklerini hemen videonun altindaki aciklama kisminda gorebilirsin, burda maxi ya da metropoldeyizdir.


    * dakika **2:57** den sonrasını izleyin….*
    *İlk kart 10 diyor var mısın iddiasına diyor ve biliyor ve **4:00** da 8 yada 7 var diyor tek atıyor 8 geliyor çok iddialı konuşuyor kartı okutmadan biliyor bence hile var*

    1. Oguz X

      Eymen malsın lan. 10 gelecek deyip 10 gelince hile mi oluyor

    2. Freddie Mercury

      10 j q k serileri 10luktur hep bj de. 10 gelecek deyip 10 gelme ihtimali çok yüksek yani. Ben de kaç kere şimdi 10 deyip 10 getirdim:) hile mi yaptım

  6. Beyaz 3D

    Canlı açsam yardım eder misin biraz fakirim 100₺ var bets10 hesabımda

  7. Eren ERGEN

    Kurpiyer efsane gerçekten. Adamı kumara başlatır bu samimiyet ve sempatiklikle

  8. Hasan Hasan

    sazan avi . kac tane mal parasini yatiracak bende kazanayim diye .

  9. Berkay KARADAĞLI

    kurpiyer hollywood artisti gibi

  10. aga çyn

    Usta bu 1x bet odeme yapiyormu bir bilgi verirsen @kangurugambling

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    1. Maqa Eliyev

      @Kanguru Casino Teşekürler kardaşim 🤚

    2. Kanguru Casino

      Bizim sitelere adresinden ulasabilirsin. Maxide Metropolde falan bu TR blackjack masalarini bulabilirsin. Yaxşı şanslar!

  12. turgay karaöz

    Amk üç kuruş para kazanıyor zevkten ölecek ya

  13. Gorkem Bagci

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    Burda gercek bahis mi işliyor

  15. Mustafa Durmuş

    Arkadaşlar aptal olmayın. Paylaşımı yapan sayfaya bakın bet sitesinin sayfası, neden böyle kazanıyor diye soruyorsunuz aq neden acaba :d

    1. Muhammet Yilmaz

      Yeni Bul karoyu al parayı düzeni

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  16. Ben Herkesim

    Reis bu dönen paralar gerçekmi 🙂

  17. scarpion

    başkan parayı çekerken yatırırken vs. normal illegal siteler gibi bu da baş ağrıtıcı sorunlar çıkarıyormu hem yasal açıdan hem paranın yatması açısından açıklarsan sevinirim

    1. scarpion

      @Rustin fuckin Cohle illegal siteden sadece futbol bahsi ile hakkında soruşturma başlatılan arkadaşlarım var ve kazandıklarından daha fazla ceza ödediler. site güvenilirmi diye sormadım zaten legal olmayanların hiçbiri güvenilir değil bir sıkıntı çıksa itiraz edemiyorsun iletişime geçtiğinde dalga geçer gibi cevap verip kapatıyorlar iletişim kanalını

  18. Vulon Vahlok

    izlemesi daha eğlenceli giren çıkan yok miss

  19. ömer Erdem

    Bir zamanlar kanguru vardı Tolga gibi oda rip gözler yaşlı 😭

  20. Freddie Mercury

    sen anlamıyorsun hacı bu oyunu. seri yakalamissin bahsi artirmiyorsun hala. adam türk zaten sana sözlü imalı olsun hareketlerinden belli ediyor elini. bu el senin diyor gidip kart istiyorsun . elinin 21 oldugunu ekranda görüyor yapma yaaa diyor sen sigorta yapmıyorsun. kafan bassa daha cok kaldırırdın. şanslısın sadece yoksa ezerler seni büyük masalarda

    1. mansur yüksel

      @Freddie Mercury bonusa ihtiyacım yok sadece 8 9 kez twitch canlı yayını izledim. İzle ne demek istediğimi anlarsın. Ben onun gbi oyunda kalabilsem şuan kaybım minimum olurdu.

    2. Freddie Mercury

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